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David and his team are amazing. I needed quick legal help and they went above and beyond to meet my timeline. David is knowledgeable, honest, and a pleasure to work with. He cares and does what’s right by his client. Plus his team is a dream, especially Steph she is kind and organized. If you’re seeking legal help I highly recommend you look no further and give them a call today!

Danielle M.

I have worked with CDM Law Firm for the past 5 years. I have nothing but good things to say about David Martinez and his staff. The staff was extremely polite and prompt in all they did. Because of their service I recommended them to do the estate planning for my parents as well. Extremely satisfied with CDM law firm.

James S.

I came to David as a widow not knowing what I should do. David’s expertise in estate planning was exactly what I needed at such a difficult time. I came to know of his integrity, dependability and character. I will continue to work with him and highly recommend David to anyone for estate planning.

Lori L.

We are older and in a second marriage for both, with children on both sides and we wanted to eliminate any form of confusion. Plus, at our ages, medical planning is essential. Thanks David!

C.T. and Dianne D.

This could truly start with “Once Upon a Time………” for years we had talked about getting “things in order” and would talk some more and then do a small thing toward getting our personal wishes and properties in order, but never totally and complete. After having to serve as an executor for a family member after their death and the disorganization and “mess” this estate was left in, we knew we had to do something, so as not to leave that frustration and burden to those that would serve in that capacity for us. It was truly made easy by David and we feel a great burden has been lifted.

Darlene P.

Working with David was tremendous. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable regarding creating Living Trusts and Wills, he conveys his knowledge in a straight-forward, easy to understand way. He gladly answered all of the questions my wife and I had, assuring my wife that should anything happen to me, not only would the Trust be there to help her, but that his legal expertise was always available to provide her with any assistance she might need in serving as the Primary Trustee. We strongly recommend C. David Martinez to anyone considering getting their financial affairs in order.

Mark D.

David Martinez is a highly ethical attorney that does things the right way. He does not over charge and is very efficient with his time because of his contract knowledge and estate planning knowledge. He reviewed a business contract for me and knew exactly what I needed to have amended before signing it and it was very helpful. He has also taken care of family members of mine to help them set up their estate plan and living trust and was very kind and helpful to them and did a fantastic job and his prices were very fair and reasonable. He is very thorough and knows how to protect his clients very well and he cares about his clients a lot and you feel that when you work with him. He also gives to his community and is a giver in every way. I will recommend him to anyone that is looking to do a living trust or estate plan, anyone that has contract questions, or anyone that is looking to set up LLC’s or do business of any kind. He’s the best I’ve worked with and I’ve worked with other attorneys. You also get to work directly with him, not an associate that is learning on the job like some of the bigger attorney firms. If you want the best, contact David Martinez. You will have a great experience!

Josh R.

David has been my go-to legal advisor over the years. He is always very patient in educating me on estate planning and business legal issues. I have referred many family and friends to David over the years and will continue to do so in the years to come.

Nelson L.

It’s possible that having brain surgery and diagnosis of breast cancer influenced my decision to “do something!” It has been on my mind for a few years, actually, and I’m glad that David reached out to me!

Carol D.

My husband and I wanted to plan for our children from previous marriages in the event one of us was to passed. David Martinez was knowledgeable and patient setting up our will and trust properly to ensure coverage and simplicity in the event of tragedy. We were impressed with his services and have referred him to others on more than one occasion.

Ashleigh G.

I was thoroughly pleased with the service I received. My Trust was exactly what I wanted, and the process was painless. David, and Ann were very thorough, explained everything in detail, and answered all of my questions. I would definitely recommend him to anyone contemplating estate planning.

Colleen K.

What an amazing experience this was for us to get a family trust done. David and his staff were on top of everything we needed. Any questions were answered immediately and throughly. We feel confident that our estate is properly prepared.

Cindi C.

Best experience at CDM Law Firm. Greg and I decided to put our life in order and we didn’t know where to start. David Martinez walked us through all our questions and made everything simple and easy. Everything is complete and correctly recorded so we feel at ease. CDM is located in Gilbert Arizona, but we live in Utah. “No problem” said David, “We can build your portfolio even though you live in Utah.” The staff was friendly, professional, and easy to work with. We were well taken care of and we are 100% happy with the result. I highly recommend CDM no matter what State you live in. I am so happy we chose them to go to work for us!

Ilene S.