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In his book, Mr. Martinez addresses 15 commonly asked questions about estate planning using various scenarios involving people from all walks of life. Mr. Martinez’s primary objective is to encourage people to look at their own lives and identify why estate planning is important and necessary to them and their families. Through his examples, Mr. Martinez attempts to identify a wide range of situations that show why estate planning is important for everyone; not just the rich or those with complicated circumstances. His book is a call to action to the reader to either prepare or update their estate plan.

C. David Martinez, Esq.

Mr. Martinez has been practicing law in Arizona for over 25 years. He earned his Finance and Juris Doctorate degrees from Arizona State University. He is particular about each client’s estate planning goals and objectives so that he can meet their specific legal needs. He loves his wife and children. He is an Arizona native who enjoys serving in his community and church. He also follows local sports and loves to golf and play basketball.


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