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Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDDs)

We have worked with franchisors and franchisees from all industries, including: medical; personal services; food and beverage; and athletic industries. We understand the finite demands these and other industries require. We provide legal services in the following ways:

  • Preparation of initial FDD for location/unit franchise types
  • Preparation of regional developer/area representative franchise types
  • Preparation of Franchise Agreements
  • Preparation of regional representative/area developer agreements
  • Regulation research for state and federal compliance
  • Preparation of all registration documents


Having a great franchise concept is not enough. There are plenty of regulations between an idea and a reality. We make sure that you have everything you need for wherever you want to be registered. Including:

  • Preparing state initial, renewal, and amendment registrations
  • Responding to state comments
  • Amending FDD and agreement language to be compliant to state comments
  • Business Opportunity registrations and amendments when applicable
  • Review and advise on changes to law within the franchisor’s area of business

Dispute Resolutions

We guide you through the complex compliance regulations with all state and federal laws.

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